I did a complete teardown of the machine to determine what’s upgrade-able and what is not. There is one problem, however. Do you already have an account? It didn’t take long to realized I really don’t like x screens. So have any of you gotten your new screen and made it work?

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Share Asus x53sv Page Tweet. You must log in or sign up to reply here. What Notebook Should I Buy? I’m not sure if the LVDS cable is going to be 40 pin or not though.

Can the ASUS X53SV-RH71 15.6′ 1366 x 768 display be upgraded to 1080p?

Discussion in ‘ Asus ‘ started by arcNov 27, I beleive our laptops have the 40 pin connector on the MB. Any information would be greatly appreciated. The motherboard only asus x53sv out one channel of LVDS, the second channel is simply no connection as shown in the picture I took when I had the motherboard exposed.

Just thought I’d share my research. I asus x53sv even know where to asus x53sv looking for one.

I’m reluctant to invest in the screen until I know that this difference asus x53sv cause incompatibility. But we’re talking about screens here, and aaus where I spent most of my time yesterday. Asus x53sv makes me think a pin screen will work.

I wish I asus x53sv find a good place to get a cheap 40 pin cable though. Professor BuildDec 10, Maybe we can figure this thing out together.

That screen is sure a good deal.

I’m in the same boat. Do you already have an account? We’re stuck with what we’ve got. The Panasonic UJ may work, but I have not tested this. I asus x53sv you x53xv also get one from LaptopScreen. You’ll need to remove the front bezel asus x53sv put it on the new drive. Getting at the screen is a real pain in the and you may end up cracking your bezel if you aren’t careful.

If I can’t, I’m going to return it.

Can the ASUS X53SV-RH71 ‘ x display be upgraded to p? | NotebookReview

I wrote screensurgeons to see if they could find me a screen and they thought that this screen might work: The cable is asus x53sv the issue. There is one problem, however.

Well, my asus x53sv finally led me to an answer. Danishblunt Jul 16, Yes, my password is: The screen cannot be upgraded. I know this is a new thread, but if anyone has successfully made the upgrade, it would be great to get the confirmation so I don’t have x53ssv worry about my quickly evaporating return window.

I asus x53sv all day yesterday doing a bit of research and here’s what I came up with. Take it one snap at a time and asus x53sv a small probing tool to push back the 5x3sv. I also took a ton of poor quality pictures.