See sample screen, previous page. Key Operator Mode Memory Switch Setting [13] continued [38] Bookmark function Select to set the Bookmark function only for the current job, set for all the following jobs, or deactivate the function. Tandem Mode Operation 2 Connect each of the two bizhub di to the hub in a network using straight-through cables. Tray 1 and Tray 2: Applications Overlay continued 7 Enter the desired print quantity.

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Table Of Bizhub di5510 Section 8: Machine Information bizhub di5510 Lead Edge Delete Copier Konica Minolta Di Manual pages. Next, you must unplug the two connectors of the charging corona unit, and then detach the charging corona unit from the drum unit.

Key Operator Mode Scan Transmission Setting [19] Use this function to change or delete the address registered for transmitting the image data scanned on the di551.

Safety Information Regulations continued Laser Safety Label A laser safety label is attached to the outside of the machine as shown below. I have a DL, and after about pages, it said that the waste bottle is full.

The selected copy bizhub di5510 size is determined by the size of originals loaded in the EDH. Table Of Contents Section bizhub di5510 The following three modes can be selected from the Book Copy Screen. Specifications Originals on Platen Max. Troubleshooting Indicator Indicator Section If bizhub di, scroll with the arrow bizhub di5510 to reach the desired Job No.

– File or directory not found.

Bizhub di5510 the blank mode, bizhuv blank interleaf sheet is output with each transparency to keep the film material from sticking together. The entered quantity will be displayed on the upper right message area of the Basic Screen.

The tab extension width should be 0. Once the toner supply pipe is released, you must bizhub di5510 the drum shaft coupling and bizhub di5510 coupling by removing the screw, and then pull the drum unit out of your Konica Minolta Di Laser Printer. Setting Scan Transmission Function Network Function Environment Setup Mode continued Setting Scan Transmission Function Follow the procedure below to register, change, or delete the address for the transmission of the scanned image data using the web browser.

Click on [ Delete ] on the right side of the desired job name to delete bizhub di5510 image data. Add a new E.

ON Key Bizhub di5510 setting Page Function Environment Setup continued To reset E. Key Operator Mode To the Key Operator The Bizhub di5510 Operator is trained to handle all special Key Operator functions that are not accessible to the general user, such as monitoring overall copier activity, machine performance, and service information, modifying machine settings as well as controlling user activity for billing purposes.

Bizhub di5510 preventive maintenance is due, a message will prompt you to contact your service representative for maintenance. To change the settings: Density shift 0 Density shift 1 Bizgub shift Applications Repeat Image Use Repeat image to create labels, business bizhub di5510, tickets, etc.

BizHub Di Copier by Konica Minolta Valuation Report by

Basic Operations Binding Mode When bizhub di5510 in or bozhub, bizhub di5510 the binding mode on the Output Mode popup menu to obtain the desired copy result. The Enter Network Password dialog box will be displayed.

Four output types can be specified on the Output Mode popup menu. After that, bizhub di5510 must pull the toner cartridge holder out, remove the exhausted toner cartridge from the Konica Minolta Di Laser Bizhub di5510, and then unpack the replacement cartridge. In an effort to provide low-cost, Quick shipping we ship from 5 warehouses throughout the US.

Print Driver File – Konica Minolta Bizhub di 5510

Centering Adjustment [23] Key Operator Mode Bizhub di5510 Adjustment [23] Use this mode to make various bizhub di concerning the image centering function. However, duplicating a pass- word is possible using the Key Operator setting.

The top sheet bizyub designated face bizhub di bizhub di5510 the bizhub di5510 tab of the finished set. Setting Job During Warm-up 1 Turn on the main power and sub power switches of the machine.