We had a couple of gold records back in the psychedelic San Francisco era of the late 60s and early 70s along with our friends such as Jimi Hendrix, Santana, Jefferson Airplane, and the ubiquitous Grateful Dead. If you enjoy what we do here at Pedal of the Day, please consider helping us keep the site going strong! Demo Rock pedalboard by West Coast Pedalboard. May 25, Guitar Effects Buying Guide.

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May 25, 3. RockerduckJan 11, If you change the Ship-To country, some or all of the items in your cart may not ship to the new destination.

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Folk Guitar Buying Guides. Very few of the BOSS pedals are there any?

FenderBigotMay 25, Okay, I get that it’s “phat,” but is the other position on the toggle the stock setting? I think he might have raised his prices since I bought mine, because they seem to be more expensive now, but I might be wrong.

I did not care for the BD2 stock, too much “fizz” and “ice pick” treble content for my tastes. The Katana Blues Drive still retained the active bass and treble controls but smoothed out the highs and increased the gain range slightly.

Jan 12, 5.

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver (Keeley Electronics Phat Mod)

Most Active Authors Latest Reviews. In 35 years of playing professionally I have been fortunate enough to share the stage with musicians such as Huey Lewis, Vince Gill, Kenny G. Biscuit Dust with some Neutrino Envelope Filter! Jan 11, 2.

Blues Driver Keeley mod vs Waza Craft vs Katana Blues Drive

May 25, 2. I thought the Keeley mod was definitely an improvement to an already good pedal and I really liked my Keeley BD Subscribe to our mailing list.

There may be repair fees for pedals that will be receiving mods or pedals that have malfunctioned keeley modded boss bd 2 blues user error like plugging in wrong power supply, running over it with a truck, etc… Thank you for your cooperation! I know keeley modded boss bd 2 blues is a well covered subject here, but the problem is I can’t find anything very specific about this mod. I remember a time before online guitar forums when stock Boss pedals sounded absolutely awesome, they were used on countless records by some of the most respected players on the planet, now apparently they all sound like arse and need to be modded, curious.

Resurrecting this thread with an answer to my own question in case anyone else is looking for the same info Yes, my password is: Did it to mine and it has been glued down ever since.

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Keeley Boss Blues Driver BD-2 questions/ do I need the upgrade? | The Gear Page

Our resident guitar hero, Aaron Pierce, known for being very critical of even the most minute nuances, was grinning from ear to ear when he approved this ear-candy final version. You have a great family at Keeley Electronics, Robert. I’m particularly interested in keeley modded boss bd 2 blues one performs best as a “low gain” pedal. Music Education For Children. A simple turn of the guitar volume controls the amount of grind.

With the pedals off, I noticed absolutely zero difference in terms of the buffers. TheFlyingAlamoJun 11, Gilwaterpatriot7songtalk and 1 other person hoss this. Both pedals sounded fizzy with the tone keeley modded boss bd 2 blues turned past 11 o’ clock, but I think this is due the combination of the pedal with the “scooped” amp.

Jan 11, 1. Super Phat Mod Categories: