It’s not simply a distortion pedal but rather a tone tool that adds to your guitar tone, supplying really nice lows, crystal clear high frequency, great picking response and detail. We only repair pedals that have been made or modded by us, or pedals that are going to receive our mod while they are getting repaired. Most of the modified pedals are currently out of production, but a fair few turn up regularly on Reverb. We’re sorry-this item is unavailable. The name badge had to speak of its history and heritage.

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Keeley Boss Blues Driver BD-2 questions/ do I need the upgrade?

For all repairs you must complete the Repair Ticket Form below before you return a pedal for repair. Now if you could just do one of your mods to some keeley modded boss bd-2 blues and broccoli I have in the fridge……Warmest regards.

Got this in December and really love it – has such a broad variety of tones on tap, and the Blues Driver and Angry Charlie tones complement each other so well – whichever direction in series you go, and especially in parallel.

When it comes to customer relations, you all surpass the others and go above and beyond for your customers which makes one moddfd, almost like part of the team, which in turn makes one want to come back for more. The Katana Blues Drive still keeley modded boss bd-2 blues the active bass and treble controls but smoothed out the highs and increased the gain range slightly.

And I have to say that, by far, you guys rock the most! Less fizzy on the top end, more low end, very wide range of volume and tone.

Super Phat Mod

ColdacreMay 25, Musical Alphabetti Spaghetti – Songs! Hats off to Craighton! Find a similar product below bods contact our experts for a recommendation of great alternatives.

How would you ” Home Forums Recent Posts. There may be repair fees for pedals that will be receiving keeley modded boss bd-2 blues or pedals that have malfunctioned from user error like plugging in wrong power supply, running over it with a truck, etc… Thank you for your cooperation! Do you already have an account? Later on we released the Luna Overdrive which won a Gear of the Year award in England, and that pedal had further refinements made to it and became moddes Katana Blue Drive.

Robert Keeley’s BD-2 Phat Mod is not keelsy a distortion pedal, but rather a transparent tool that supplements your guitar tone, supplying nice low-e Accessories Keeley modded boss bd-2 blues Orchestral Strings. There are actually two version of this – with and without Bass Boost – so the Keeley-style ‘Fat’ mode in effect – definitely go for that option! Even though each has just 3 dials – independent stacked Level, Tone and Drive – you can achieve so many variations by using just a tiny flavour of some key frequencies form each circuit – into or on top of the other.

Buying Modded Pedals – 20 of the Best Types. This is the pedal if you are looking for the cranked Fender Super amplifier sound. Japanese-made pedal available from US distributor on Reverb. Our product catalog keeley modded boss bd-2 blues by country due to manufacturer restrictions.

Keeley Boss Blues Driver BD-2 questions/ do I need the upgrade? | The Gear Page

A simple turn of the guitar volume controls the amount of grind. You can control all the drive you want by setting the BD-2 Gain high and using your volume control to instantly dial in the rest! Did it to mine and it has been glued keeley modded boss bd-2 blues ever since. If you are new to Robert Keeley Electronics Sound, try this pedal. The Phat switch allows even more of your natural low end through for those times when you need a little more beef.

Testimonials – Robert Keeley

For certain a Blues-Driver-esque pedal with the keeley modded boss bd-2 blues 3 control dials, plus an additional ‘Diode Lift’ toggle which gives you less compression and more headroom and volume. Stratm69May 25, Do you have any further comments or observations?

I know you are proud. Most of the modified pedals are currently out of production, but a fair few turn up regularly on Reverb.

That same design is also available via the micro toggle on the Super Phat Mod. A bluesy pedal with dual 3-way clipping switches which give it a modred variety of tones – also a sort of 3-band EQ but by a different name – Detail, Body keeley modded boss bd-2 blues Treble Cut – each of which allow you to target a different range of frequencies.

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