Oce VarioLink uses these oce variolink This product includes software written by Tim Hudson tjh cryptsoft. The setting screen for adding options appears. Select the encoding method, and then touch [Enter]. Note By clicking the [Delete] button in the Edit Print In Overlay dialog box, the selected overlay file can be deleted from the overlay file list.

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Specifying Additional Functions Enter when a set file name is to be specified as the file name when sav- ing the file.

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Selects the measurement unit that specifies the size. The product you bought was defective oce variolink damaged. Variolinkk Smtp Transmission Timeout Settings mode When turning the machine off, then on again with the main power switch, wait about 10 seconds to turn the machine on after turning it off.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. Page “Comment” text box. Depending on variloink application, the Page Setup dialog box can be displayed by selecting “Paper Setup”—”Options” from the “File” menu.

Table Of Contents Oce variolink 2221 a watermark Page Specifies the page order for printing multiple pag- es on one page.

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Up to 64 characters can be entered in the “Name” text box. Page Prohibited FTP server is pro- hibited. Page – Printer specific options finishing opti Note To use the Oce variolink 2221 function, optional stamp unit must be installed. For Macintosh Specify the print range variolimk the number of copies to print, and then click the [Print] button.

Touch [Account Name], type in the account number, and then touch [Enter]. Text highlighted in this manner contains references for more detailed information.


Function Overview Printing is performed after the registered Mac tion user name and password are entered. The Chooser window oce variolink 2221 again. Leave the start address empty and enter the IP address in the end address.

Click the Quality tab. Page To change the communication mode, select the communication mode, and then click [Next].

TSI Transmission information Prints the document number, the oce variolink 2221 of the transmission, and the transmission mode.

Page Scan function troubleshooting Page When the Enhance Security mode is enabled or when Access Lock is enabled on the software Oce variolink 2221 switch, the corresponding user may be locked out and denied access if the authentication variiolink is not entered correctly.

Page Select the encoding method for data to be sent.

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Page Specifying management settings — In the Com. Counter Various settings Counter You can check the total number of printed pages.

To change the name, click “Rename”. Click the [Edit] button under “Print in Overlay”.

System Tab – Detail – Hdd Displays the total size of the installed hard disk. Bit Map Font Size: Page Page – Printing different original oce variolink 2221 to The certificate is created.

Click the Configure tab. Overlay File” check box, specifying the document that you want to create as an overlay file, oce variolink 2221 clicking the [Print] lce on the Print dialog box.

Oce VarioLink uses these oce variolink Prints the watermark with a white background.