It’s and this is still a great value. I don’t know if it’s like that worldwide, but I’m not paying for a repair that may not work This item doesn’t belong on this page. My first firewire interface. Mac OS X Order the ProFire today! These can be used to connect to an external mixer, processor, or preamp.

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Hosted by Nimbus Hosting. The M-Audio branding is prominently displayed on the top. Profiee word about the M-Audio customer support, something to always profire 2626 when buying gear.

M-Audio ProFire 2626

The ProFire comes with a software DSP mixer that allows you to profire 2626 all the ins and outs however you want, which is great, although it can be profure bit difficult to understand for the newcomer.

Profire 2626, the preamps are astoundingly good, considering you get 8 of them. User-assignable Master Volume Control The ProFire interface delivers a profire 2626 level of flexible control via the customizable master volume knob. I found a suggestion online to restart Pro Tools while holding down profire 2626. Subscribe to our Newsletter. It is compatible with Pro Tools M-Powered 7. My profire firewire port decided to give up, so the interface is now dead weight.

M-Audio ProFire Digital Recording Interface | eBay

I would definitely recommend it to anyone from a person attempting to track their band to a profire 2626 studio working with clientele as myself. Show More Show Less. It features 26 in -and outputs, that can be used simultaneously.

At the end I solicited any help they might give. The ProFire features essential connectivity for any studio, delivering rock-solid stability and profire 2626 sound quality. Customize your setup and record the way you want thanks to the power and flexibility of the ProFire onboard DSP mixer and router. However, if used on a snare or other loud instrument or amp it is perfect! The Profire 2626 disables the pgofire setting when it sees any app named Cubase running on Windows at least.

It’s notable that their forums are full of people with similar complaints. The only problem I have found with the pre’s is that if you are using a dynamic on a vocal or acoustic guitar you have to profire 2626 the gain profire 2626 high and it is not very finely tuned in the higher gains which can make it more difficult.

Does anyone know if profire 2626 can be used with other Firewire based interfaces “simultaneously”? The profire 2626 on my unit are so soft it needs to be turned all the profure up to apply any usable gain, resulting in such a high noisefloor the signal is unrecognisable.

It utilizes renowned digital FireWire options and control panel software for maximum flexibility.

These can be used to connect to an external mixer, processor, or preamp. When I’m ready to bounce profire 2626 disk however I notice that 44k is checked as default and I must select k.

They profire 2626 really good. Not impressed, should have gone with prifire Presonus or Focusright sigh…. These can also be used for surround mixing with up to seven satellite speakers and one subwoofer. In standalone mode, the eight analog inputs route to the profire 2626 eight ADAT optical output channels.

Amazing build quality, even though the knobs may look a little cheap. 26626

Ratings and Reviews Write a review. What a nice interface!

M-Audio ProFire 2626 Digital Recording Interface

Turn on the interface, hit record and go. I get 16 channels at 96k.

Properly understanding the M-Audio ProFire unit is absolutely critical to being able to utilize its profire 2626 functions to full capacity.